AI Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) marketing is a type of marketing that leverages artificial intelligence concept and methodology like machine learning and Bayesian network to reach marketing goals faster than a human can. The difference lies in the reasoning part that says it is done by machine and algorithm rather than a human, thus it is also referred as artificial intelligent marketing.

This type of marketing process is very helpful in making decisions about the product in different markets. However, as there are various fields of technology, it has come up with various methods to make the decision in an intelligent way. One of such method is by using a Bayesian network.

One can say Artificial Intelligence Marketing is similar to the conventional form of advertising but faster and less costly. It helps the sales team or the sales manager in reaching their goals much earlier. It is also called as the sales forecasting.

This type of marketing strategy is used when the data of a customer, target market statistics are not sufficient enough for making a decision regarding any product. This is where the artificial intelligent machine can come in place and makes the right decision. Thus, it will tell the sales team about what the customers want and expect.

The sales managers of a company must use this marketing tool in order to reach their target markets. When the sales managers will make a decision based on the data from the sales team or the sales manager’s sales forecasting, they will be able to see the customer’s behavior.

This will help them determine if a certain product is suitable for that market or not. The decision will then be made whether or not a particular product is appropriate for that market. If it is not suitable, then it would be better to change the product. Thus this is the basic idea of using Artificial Intelligence to make the right decisions in every sphere of business.