National Puppy Day

National Puppy Day is celebrated each year on the first day of May. Puppy Day is a day to show your support and love for puppies. It is a day when you can take your puppy to the vet, pet groomer or any other place where dogs are treated with affection. It is a day when we reward our dogs for behaving well and rewarded with treats and gifts of love.

Puppy Day is a day when we recognize dogs as man’s best friend. Since man owns more than a dozen breeds of dogs, including golden retrievers, miniature schnauzers, beagles, lighters, pointers, pit bulls, and much more, we realize that our dogs are a part of our families. So, it makes sense to celebrate dogs. So who came up with this grand event?

Ms. Temple Grandin is an autistic and famous animal trainer and advocate of dogs. She created National Puppy Day in 1980 as a way of raising the awareness of dogs and puppy mills. Today, thousands of loving dogs are saved from puppy mills each year and millions more are saved from abusive puppy mills. Thanks to Ms. Grandin, millions of dogs are loved and cared for with a special bond.

Another contributor to happy National Puppy day is the Humane Society. The humane society runs shelters for unwanted puppies and provides adoption help. Not only do they have a shelter, they also have information and advice about finding a loving, permanent home for your puppy. If you are looking for a loving, secure home for your pup, then you should contact the Humane Society.

A third important contributor to the National Puppy Day celebration is Michael Nelson, singer, songwriter, and veterinarian. He is known for his no-nonsense approach to pet care and is very devoted to helping animals. He has always been passionate about helping dogs through Puppy Day, and now he is making it even easier for dog lovers to join in the march for puppies and kittens. He has created Puppy March coloring books for those who want to color pictures of cute little puppies while joining the march for puppies.

So, if you are looking for national days or something other than flowers and chocolate for Valentine’s Day, why not pick up a Puppy Day coloring book and take along your furry four-legged pal for a day of caring, loving fun. You can celebrate Puppy Day by getting your pup a Puppy Scratch Off, which is a special card given only to owners of puppies. You and your pup can have a great time coloring and learning while taking part in the Puppy Day celebrations.