“The Russian Ballet Theatre” is a new ballet theatre established to give people the chance to experience the breathtaking brilliance of classic Russian ballet right in their own homes. The entire first production of this brand-new theatre will be held in Russia. Of course, as is typical of a country teeming with amazing historical and cultural sights, the costs for tickets will raise quite a bit. I wish I was able to offer a guarantee that you’ll be able to afford the tickets at a reasonable price… unfortunately I cannot. My suggestion would be to try and book early if you want to guarantee yourself some fantastic prices on the tickets.

With over 80 years of experience in the field of Russian dance and ballet, the talented team of dancers that make up the “The Russian Ballet Theatre” have worked hard to create a completely unique atmosphere for these special performances theatre. The spectacular sets and costumes, magnificent choreography, spectacular acting and stunning music all contribute to the magical experience that Russian dance can provide for audiences around the world. Many of the spectacular dance performances are performed outdoors on the rink before being performed inside the spectacular theatre set.

To be perfectly honest, I was very nervous about booking tickets for my first “The Russian Ballet Theatre” performance. If you’re anything like me, waiting in that little theatre for the curtain to rise only to see an empty seat and a droning chorus line really put you off! I had heard so many great things about this theatre that I made it my mission to see it for myself. And I must say that I was thoroughly impressed. The sensational staging, magnificent choreography, breathtaking costumes and beautiful music made this show a huge success.

Nana Does Vegas

Nana the dog is back with a vengeance! How did she wind up making appearances for the most popular late night show in Las Vegas? Someone purchased her clothes at an auction and decided that she could not refuse to fulfill her masterstroke. If you enjoyed Nana’s cute Naughty Knickers outfit, you will love Nana Does Vegas!. Get your tickets now.

The story begins with Nana, a high school girl who dreams of one day living out her dreams in Vegas. One day she visits her grandma in hopes of getting some new clothes. But her clothes are so old that Nana begins to worry that perhaps her grandma has had an affair. This is where Nana gets a little help from an old friend, Ginger. She tells Ginger about how her grandmother had an affair with a Mexican waiter. This gets Nana’s attention because she used to dream about being a famous entertainer in Las Vegas but now she has big dreams of one day having a show.

Nana takes Ginger to a secret rehearsal dinner, where she gets to meet her masterstroke who turns out to be none other than Nana the dog. Now that Nana has come out of hiding and is making costumes for the most popular show reported by in las Vegas, Nana can finally have what she wants. But things go horribly wrong when Nana falls for Ginger’s best friend, clips her bra, and runs off to join her friend in Las Vegas. Now Nana has to decide which of her girlfriends to trust with her treasure – Ginger or herself. This will surely make for some very interesting television.