If you have studied any of the books on the subject of Artificial Intelligence, you will find that they often start with the statement that it is impossible to build an intelligent machine. However, the book goes on to state that it is possible to achieve this goal if the goal has been set at the wrong scale. This means that it can only be achieved if the goal has been set so large that a human cannot accomplish it. In short, we must make sure that our goals are big enough so that our Artificial Intelligent machines are not able to achieve them. There are various ways that you can determine how big of a goal you should set in your software.

Human intelligence, on the other hand, is defined as the ability to think, reason and solve problems. Artificial Intelligence, however, is not defined. It’s a term that describes an approach towards building artificial intelligence that makes use of the principles of AI. An Artificial Intelligence is defined as a computer program that takes a specific input, performs an action based on that input, and makes some kind of statistical analysis. There is no clear cut definition as to what constitutes artificial intelligence. Instead, the definition has to be left up to the computer programmer or AI researcher who is trying to create such a program.

To illustrate the difference between human intelligence and artificial intelligence, imagine a child who is learning to read. A teacher would not expect the child to write a composition. The child would take one word at a time and try to figure out the meaning. Whereas, a child who is using a computer program that can analyze and interpret images will be able to process hundreds of images and come up with the meaning of each one. For a long time, humans were considered to be the only true form of intelligence. However, there are now artificial intelligence software programs designed that can take in lots of data and create programs that can think, reason, and solve problems. It’s important that we define artificial intelligence as a general term that encompasses a variety of approaches to creating artificial intelligence.